Electrical wiring


We offer fully comprehensive electrical installation services through all stages: designing, project manager inspection, installation, taking measurements and the development of complete as-built documentation.
Electrical installations are undertaken by engineers who are highly technical and knowledgeable about the systems due to high complexity. 

We provide specialised services for industrial projects, developers and individual clients. We take great care to make sure the delivery of our service and products are accurate and, more importantly, completed on time.

Computer networks


We offer comprehensive solutions to medium and large customers in the field of LAN system design and construction.

We are a partner of the COMMSCOPE company, a global provider of technical solutions for computer networks. We offer high quality products with a 25- year manufacturer’s warranty.

Flow maintenance


We offer comprehensive service to companies in the field of maintaining and upgrading electrical installations. 
Client requirements are unique and may range from full-time on-site support or periodic inspections and maintenance We can guarantee constant technical service on the costumer’s premises carried out with our 24/7 system, or interim services by mobile technicians.

Additional services


The strength of our organization is highlighted in the comprehensive service provided by experienced, well-coordinated people. We attach additional services to the package of our basic activities in the field of installation performance: designing electrical and LAN installations, managing electrical works, switchgear prefabrication, periodic measurements of buildings and equipment, performing object inspections in accordance with the building restrictions and construction law.

What makes us stand out?


Among many other contractors or ventures in the electrical wiring and telecommunications market, our company is distinguished by reliability, professionalism, extensive experience, comprehensive performance and flexibility in our customer approach. Here you can find our clients feedback and opinions which confirm the high quality of our services.