Fourteen years of experience

Twoje instalacje elektryczne

ESPE opened for business in 2006 and has specialized in electrical wiring and outsourcing within the telecommunications industry.

Over the years we have been expanding and developing different services in the field of designing and implementing electrical installations, computer networks, alarms and video surveillance systems along with industrial networks for the maintenance and running of industrial ventures.

Today ESPE are hard at work designing and assembling various wiring systems which has become one of the main projects of our enterprise.

What we do?

Twoje instalacje elektryczne

Since our business began, ESPE has been designing and assembling electrical installations and computer networks. We offer specialised services for industrial customers, but also for developers and individual clients. We also provide an installation of alarm and video surveillance systems and prefabricate switchgear for the systems on offer, including a wide range of electrical measurements of objects and devices overseen by our highly qualified and skilled measurements personnel. Our experienced electricians work for the maintenance of safe production flow in the industrial sector and our electrical engineers provide electrical works management services. Our electrical installation projects management team is on hand through all stages of planning, installation and testing, additionally providing the maintenance of the systems. We take great care to make sure the delivery of our service and products are accurate and, more importantly, completed on time. 

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Reliable and trustworthy

Twoje instalacje elektryczne

The strength and stability of our company is epitomised by people who have been creating it  for years and by integrated work our staff produce. Their experience and engagement is a key factor in the success of our business. Our reliable teams provide speed and effectiveness drawn upon from experiences of previous accomplishments. Engineers, designers, analysts and electricians work collaboratively to satisfy our clients’ needs. As a result, we guarantee the highest quality of services. We are also part of the Regional Chamber of Construction in Łódź.

What’s new on the horizon?

Twoje instalacje elektryczne

Years of extensive, cooperative work as a team have proved that we are a stable and competent business, this allows us to successfully accomplish new challenges without hesitation. The stability of our staff and industry expertise they bring allow us to successfully accomplish new challenges that we gladly take on. In 2019 the company’s offer was extended by maintenance services for industrial facilities in the field of electrical installations. We are planning further development aimed mainly at expanding the activities of the design office, increasing the number of installers and improving the competences of employees. We create  a team with the expertise and skills required to achieve our targets.